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"Feminism: three steps forward, one back"
On Healthworks not allowing men to join
1/9/98, Page C5, Opinion

"People, not animals, are targets of sheriff's policies"
After a disturbance at the Ash Street Jail
1/22/98, Page B4, Opinion

"Willey: welcome to the world of sexual assault"
After Kathleen Willey accused President Clinton of sexual assault
21/98, Page B4, Opinion

"This is a chilling junior version of domestic violence"
On the Jonesboro, Arkansas school shooting
4/6/98, Page B4, Opinion

"Let's not trivialize a serious crime by calling it an 'isolated incident'"
After a highly publicized daytime rape in Downtown New Bedford
4/28/98, Page B6, Opinion

"Success — in curbing our rights"
On Westport High School's mandatory breathalyzer tests for prom-goers
5/13/98, Page B5, Opinion

"Stereotypes of Arabs playing into Clinton's diversions"
After the bombing of Sudan & Afghanistan
8/25/98, Page C4, Opinio