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FROM 2001

"Nude portraits raise controversy at UMass"
News article about controversial photo exhibit of nude women from birth to age 94
3/30/01, Page A1, Local News

"The naked truth"
Living pages version of nude photo exhibit
4/2/01, Page B1, Living

"Let us again remind ourselves: there is no peace without justice"
After the 9/11/01 attacks on the World Trade Center
10/1/01, Page A12, Opinion

"Abortion providers have been immersed in the fear"
After the anthrax letters
10/18/01, Page A14, Opinion

"All told, it's good to be an infidel"
On being proud to be an American
11/7/01, Page A14, Opinion

"Center's manager goes from needy to needed"
Other Voices/Other Faces Profile Column/Nancy Inacio
11/26/01, Page A4, Local News