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FROM 2004:

"Liberal activists still in mourning"
(Opinion) About continuing to fight for our issues

"Regulations are killing the fishing industry"
(Opinion) A ride around New Bedford's Waterfront

"Restricting abortion hurts women"
(Opinion) The headline says it. Read on....

"Fairhaven's day for trash and treasure"
(Opinion) A humorous look at Fairhaven's annual bulky item trash pickup.

"Times are changing on this little patch of paradise"
(Opinion) Observations about the changing face of the waterfront from simple, low-key camps, to lavish homes and vehicles, and the people who go with them.

"Oil spill film raises crucial questions"
(Opinion) A look at a movie ("The B-120 Incident") by independent film maker Arnold Parsons about the 4/27/03 oil spill in Buzzards Bay

"Freedom must never be taken for granted."
(Opinion) Of Hitler, Feminazis, and the Bush Administration's latest policy to classify ariline passengers.