The Universe has spoken

It’s been a rough summer so far for me and my Little Water Buggy. The stars have simply just not aligned for me to get out there.

A couple of Sundays ago, I was determined to get that boat out…for the first time this year. The floor project really sucked away a bunch of my time (see old blogs). I decided I was going even if I only puttered around for 10 minutes. I just needed to get the thing floating and get it back on the trailer, for practice if nothing else. Anyway, I had washed the boat thoroughly a few weeks before in anticipation, made sure all the “stuff” was there and in working order (life jackets, horn, lights, etc.)

So, I was still in bed, grabbed my cell phone and checked ML’s website ( You just click on the “south point” link and it tells you the wind (among other things) right at the tip of West Island. It’s a super handy gadget to have access to if you have a little boat like mine and are so woefully inadequate at getting it on the trailer that you only want to go out in really calm weather (under 15 mph).

Anyway, on that day, the wind was right according to ML’s gadget, the weather was hot and it was still early enough in the morning. What I’ve learned is that the early morning in summer has the calm winds It steadily picks up, with it finally getting too much for my little boat around 11 a.m. I need to get out there by 9 usually. I jumped out of bed, threw some clothes on and scrambled up some eggs (can’t go on an empty stomach). As I sat down to eat my quick breakfast, the rain started. A nice, gentle, summer rain.

I thought…do I really want to go out in the rain? No.

But it’s such a gentle rain.

I went outside. Decided not to go, but to make sure the boat was ready. I jumped inside, realized I hadn’t tied the lines down, so I did that. I did a couple of other things, too, that made me realize that maybe I wasn’t quite as prepared as I had thought, anyway. So, maybe it was good that I didn’t just drive off.

It stopped raining. Still no wind.

I’m going.

Hook that sucker up to the car. Realize, quite to my dismay, that the chains aren’t long enough. Remember that US Coast Guard course I took? Well, I learned that there’s a reason to cross the chains. And, on my little trailer, with the hitch I’ve got, the chains won’t reach. I had not been crossing them last year. Oops.

I decided to deal with that later. Run back to the shed, grab the crate and container with the life jackets and “boat stuff” and throw ’em in the boat.

It started to rain, harder.

Really, Universe? Really?

Maybe it’ll stop. I checked other stuff on the boat, realized I couldn’t find the drain plug. I was so smart, I had put it in the little compartment that we finally got open (Thank You, Locks R Us of Fairhaven, he even gave me quite the deal).

Well, the rain didn’t stop. It just came down harder. So, I unhooked the car, put the bucket back under the boat and decided to hose it off and clean it up again. How on God’s Green Earth does it get so dirty just sitting in the driveway?

While I was up there, the rain stopped again. I stood there, looking at the totally still treetops, the temperature was warm, not a rain cloud in the sky.

The Harbormaster drove by and stopped when he saw me. I walked over and told him how it kept raining every time I decided to go.

I even had the boat hooked up to the car at one point.

He grabbed his tablet, tapped it a few times and declared, “There’s nothing coming.”

I said, “I guarantee you that the minute I decide to go, it will start raining again.”

He drove off. I got back in the boat with the hose, looked up and saw the perfect sky, the still treetops, and decided to go again.

Just wanted to finish rinsing what I was rinsing and I was going. I was going. Going. Going. Not going to let a little rain stop me this time. Hell, I was all wet anyway.

Then I heard it….off in the distance. Grumble, rumble, grrr….like a big dog warning you not to move.

Is that a plane?

A motorcycle?

Surely it can’t be thunder!

Yes, thunder, accompanied by a huge, black cloud that came out of nowhere.

Okay, Universe. You win.

I put it all away, decided not to go, drove off in the car to do other things. And, sure enough, the day cleared, the wind stayed calm ALL day…ALL day. Everyone had something to say about how the water was “like glass” on that Sunday so perfect for boating.

Really, Universe? Really?


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