Flashlight Egg Hunt

What fun we had last night! Almost 100 young’uns and their adults showed up at the Fairhaven Recreation Center for the annual flashlight egg hunt. The night also included an egg decorating contest and an opportunity for kids to make an Easter Bunny out of paper plates and cotton and stuff. The Easter Bunny himself (or herself…who knows?) was also on hand for photos with the kids.


The egg decorating was very creative this year. All participants got a gift and the egg decorating was judged for top three prizes in three age categories (see our next issue, 4/17, for details on who won what, at www.NeighbNews.com)

Here are a few of the egg decorating masterpieces.




The kids have a blast at this event and so do the adults.

Here’s a picture of The Rec Center Director judging the eggs.


And here’s a picture of a special egg decorating piece that was not made for judging. It was just made by some thoughtful children as a decoration to remember the Boston Marathon bombings.


The kids (and their adults) also had a chance to make Easter Bunny faces with magic markers, paper plates and cotton. It’s always fun when you get to use glue sticks. And that’s just a fact.


It isn’t free, though ($5 each child), so if you are only able to do free stuff, be sure to get to the North Fairhaven Improvement Association’s egg hunt on Saturday, 4/19. It starts at 9 a.m. sharp, so don’t be late. (The North Fairhaven gang is full of early-birds.) It’s at Livesey Park in North Fairhaven, behind the Oxford School on Main Street, and you can find a listing for it in the Neighb News on page 6. There are separate areas for the little kids and the older kids. Lots of prizes and an opportunity for pictures with the Easter Bunny. Ooh…and hot chocolate, too. With marshmallows. Yummy.

And tomorrow (4/13), if you’re not afraid of guns (or if you are but don’t want to be), there’s a “Bunny Shoot” in New Bedford. Now, don’t be alarmed, no bunnies will be harmed in this event. The New Bedford Revolver and Rifle Club, 246 Bolton Street in the south end, will provide the rifles, including short rifles for kids. See page 7 in this week’s Neighb News for details. It’s a great opportunity for kids to become acquainted with guns without all the drama in a safe environment. All ages are welcome to shoot. It’s $1.00 for three shots and all the money goes to Boy Scout Troop 3. They shoot at a target that has a bunch of numbers on it. The numbers are added up and the one with the highest score wins an Easter basket (bunny shoot…get it?). All ages compete, not just kids (they have grownup rifles for the big folk). You don’t need a firearms license to participate. There’ll be food and raffles and lots of fun. It’s an indoor range, too, so rain or shine, it’s a happening thing, from noon to 5. Visit http://www.nbrrc.com for more info about the club.

Okay, that’s about it for today. Two days in a row. Pretty good, huh? We’ll see how long this lasts!!

Until next time.

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