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Time flies, whether you are having fun or not

So, it’s been about four months since I last posted a blog. Wow. Who knew time could move so quickly. The saddest part is that I actually started a bunch of them. Some seemed to have great promise, too. Alas, there is no point in publishing them now. Christmas lights in April? I think not. Full-fledged commentary on Facebook posts from three months ago? Nah.

Maybe I can use the Christmas one next year.

Speaking of Christmas, I published a new short story: “Who Makes the Magic?” available for Nook and Kindle. I was supposed to get it done for last Christmas, but, alas, life got in the way. I’m trying something new with this. I added a shorter, bedtime version at the end. Actually, the point was to write a story short enough to be a bedtime story, but I got carried away and ended up with 9,500+ words. It took longer to hack it down than to write it. Stay tuned, I’ll be writing a few more with bedtime versions. Hopefully, they’ll be ready for next Christmas and I can have a collection.

Meanwhile, it’s almost spring. Today was very warm away from the coast. I was inland for an appointment and was hoping to fire up the motorcycle when I got home. But as soon as I got halfway down the neck, I could feel the cold. I know, I know, I’m a big baby. I’m strictly a warm weather rider. It’ll get there eventually.

Well, this will have to do for a start, or re-start. I will make the old college try to start blogging regularly.

Meanwhile, check out my new story, or visit my website, www.zorena.com for links to my other stories. My Kindle author page is probably the best place to get all of them, including the short travel stories.

Until next time,